Testing of the sea bed using a vibro core rig

Secto were originally tasked to identify a route along the seabed between 2 landing points so that Secto could choose the best method to install a fibre to replace an existing eir network fibre that has a fault on it – 1 at Crooke beach in Waterford & 1 at Duncannon Beach in Wexford.
First Secto engaged with Hydromaster to complete a Side Sonar Scan that used sonar to identify depths of the seabed and in conjunction with an archaeologist identified potential items of interest lying on the seabed (this being a heritage area between 2 forts on both Crooke & Duncannon).
In order to identify the best route & installation method Secto engaged with Irish Sea Contractors to take 11 vibro core samples from the seabed x 2m deep at varied points along the potential cable route
Equipment used:

  • A Workboat – “FastNet Sound” complete with crane
  • Vibro Core Equipment
  • GPS Equipment
  • Geotechnical Laboratory to compile results on bore samples and compile geotechnical Report on each borehole completed

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