1. Safe-Driving

    Safe driving practices

    Always use a seatbelt and never exceed speed limits. Never use a mobile phone or any handheld device while driving. Always reverse park. Be aware of all other road users. Look out for warning signs, either permanent or temporary. Expect the unexpected!
  2. Drink-and-Drugs

    Alcohol and drugs

    Never drive or operate machinery under the influence of substances that may put you or others at risk, e.g. alcohol, recreational drugs or certain prescribed medication. Get clearance from your doctor before returning to work.
  3. Elec

    Electrical Awareness

    Never undertake electrical work if you are not qualified to do so. Always confirm that power has been disconnected before you commence work on any equipment. ELECTRICITY CAN KILL YOU.
  4. PPE

    Personal protective equipment

    Always use appropriate PPE specific to the environment you are working in, e.g. hard hats, safety boots, goggles, gloves etc. Always use safety harnesses when working at a height.
  5. Right-to-say-no

    Right to say no

    Correct training and knowledge to complete the task, and empower the employee to be able to say NO if something does not feel completely safe.