We have built up a network of best in class partners to help us deliver a service that meets your business expectations. Through many projects and operational situations, the team we have built is proven and exceptional at what they do. Together we can deliver a service that cannot be mirrored in terms of quality and price.

Best In Class Operations

  • Through proven processes, change control and quality systems we are confident we can deliver a service that does not compromise your operation and is best in class.
  • We measure ourselves against high standards and carry out monthly review meetings to analyse both individual and team performance. Continuous improvement at all levels within our team is our objective.
  • Through our call centre, we can support your business 365 days / 24 hours per day and respond to all parts of Ireland within a standard of 3 hours. We carry a stock of critical spares to ensure fault restoration at first visit.
  • We understand an issue on your site is a high priority and will resolve all issues efficiently and work with you closely until you are satisfied. We follow all incidents up with a detailed investigation and a management review.
  • We continually look to introduce new ways of delivering solutions either through new technologies or process re-engineering.

Our Promise

We are innovative and dynamic and we continually challenge ourselves to deliver cost-effective solutions that enhance our customers’ experience.


We believe through good communication we can build a sustainable partnership and understand the importance of information good or bad to support management decisions. We don’t encourage a blame culture in our team and ensure all our people are open and honest with us and you. We will work with your team to agree on a format for communications that will support a strong relationship.

Sub-Contractor Management

The selection and management of sub-contractors in a transparent manner is critically important to Secto. We follow a rigorous process to ensure that sub-contractors are selected based on their suitability, skill set and accreditations and that they are in line with both Secto’s and our clients’ requirements. We have a specific management procedure, within our Integrated Management System (IMS), which governs how we select and manage our sub-contractors and is strictly adhered to. All sub-contractors are procured using best industry practice to ensure best value for money for our clients.

Secto only uses approved sub-contractors and service providers who have demonstrated experience and commitment to work safely to legislative and Secto requirements and who will endeavour to safeguard the safety, health and welfare of all persons on or about the site. Purchase orders can only be raised against approved suppliers.
Sub-contractors are managed in the same manner as direct employees in relation to adherence to site quality requirements, auditing, near miss reporting, Toolbox Talks, etc. We continuously audit our sub-contractors to ensure they are complying with our policies, IMS and all contractual requirements.

Vetting Procedures

To be added to our list of approved contracting partners, all potential sub-contractors must provide:

  • Self- appraisal questionnaire – providing an overview of their competency and capability.
  • Financials.
  • Details of accreditations (BSI, ISO, etc.).
  • Details of available resources.
  • Ability to upscale at short notice.
  • Pricing.
  • SHEQ Assessment.

The SHEQ assessment is a critical part of the vetting process. As part of it, sub-contractors must provide a significant amount of documentation including:

  • Company Safety Statement, Risk Assessments, Method Statements specific to the works.
  • Company policies, manuals and accreditations.
  • Operational procedures, including testing and inspection procedures.
  • Training records for proposed personnel.
  • Insurance details including copies of policies.
  • Certification for plant and equipment that may be used.

Our SHEQ team reviews all documentation provided to ensure that all required certifications, insurances, policies and safety documentation is in place.

Contractual Approach

A contract is put in place with successful sub-contractors which includes back-to-back SLAs, KPIs and other conditions. This will ensure that all requirements are met. Once a sub-contractor has been appointed, specific processes are followed throughout a contract to drive performance and quality.

These processes include:

  • Financial management of the sourced services.
  • Management of agreements governing the sourced services.
  • Performance monitoring to monitor and verify that service commitments are being met.
  • Problem and incident monitoring and resolution.
  • Service change management
  • Service performance – target vs actual
  • Stakeholder feedback collection and analysis.
  • Service value analysis.
Training Processes

All personnel assigned to Secto contracts, regardless of whether they are a direct employee or a sub-contractor, receive detailed induction training to outline their responsibilities when working on a contract. Their responsibilities include complying with our Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Policies and Integrated Management System.

Performance Reviews

Performance of all sub-contractor is tracked continuously – we assess their performance on an ongoing basis and give them the required training to ensure they can deliver to Secto’s exacting standards. Secto’s SHEQ and Account Managers feed back on the performance of sub-contractors and help identify where improvements, if any, are required. Sub-contractors are given a 6-month probation period, during which we closely monitor them to ensure works are being conducted in line with both the client’s and Secto’s requirements. We hold bi-monthly forums with all sub-contractors to discuss their performance, overall status of the contract, areas for improvement, any challenges they are facing and how we can provide additional support. The format is an open session and is attended by a SHEQ Officer, Contract Manager and key management staff from the sub-contractor.