Environmental, Health & Safety and Quality Policies


It is our policy to manage our obligations to the environment in a responsible manner and to take a sustainable approach to developing our company’s business. Secto Services regard environmental protection as an integral and essential part of good business practice. We are committed to achieving and maintaining a high standard of environmental quality in all of our operations. As part of this policy we aim to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and best management practices.
  • Having regard to Secto Services commitment to the concept of social responsibility, work shall continue in developing and building partnerships with the relevant local authorities, regulators, our clients and local resident groups where applicable.
  • Take account of environmental issues in the implementation of projects in consultation with our client’s, design teams and customers.
  • Follow best environmental practice in regard to our own activities, ensuring that pollution prevention is a major consideration in all operational activities.
  • Having regard to protecting company assets, work shall continue with both staff and our customers in improving awareness of the potential environmental consequences of our activities.
  • Seek to minimise significant environmental impacts of our activities through the progressive development of environmental management procedures as determined by our business needs.
  • Establishing objectives and measurable targets against which improvements in environmental performance will be monitored.
  • Raise staff awareness of the environmental issues and the environmental effects our activities through communication and training.
  • Review annually our environmental policy and consider the need for any amendments in the light of changing circumstances.
  • Make the environmental policy statement available to our employee’s, clients, business colleagues, customers and the public through our website.
  • Build on the environmental management we have achieved through a process of continuous improvement.



It is the policy of Secto Services Ltd to promote high standards of Health and Safety within the company and to ensure that the best practicable methods of compliance with current legislation and best management practices.

We are committed to the prevention of injury and promotion of health and safety of our staff and we are committed to ensuring the safety of visitors, clients and contractors on our various sites / workplaces under our control.

Secto Services Ltd undertakes to ensure that adequate resources are provided to implement the Health & Safety Policy. At periodic meetings or when deemed necessary our objectives and targets and policy are reviewed to ensure that they continue to reflect the activities of the company.  The Management Team will therefore ensure that:

  • Adequate resources are provided to ensure that proper provision can be made for health and safety.
  • Continued Professional Development of all our qualified personnel is encouraged to keep up to date with new developments in Safety & Health Legislation.
  • Sufficient avenues of communication are open between all members of staff and Secto Services Ltd management.
  • To communicate this policy to all customers and other stakeholders through making them available on our website

All Secto Services Ltd personnel are expected to demonstrate their commitment towards a safe and healthy work environment by complying with the safety policy and associated procedures. Secto Services Ltd will build on Occupational Health and Safety management and occupational health and safety performance through the process of continual improvement.



“Unrivalled solutions through innovation, technology & knowledge”

Secto Services Ltd is committed to developing individual solutions that match the distinct requirements of each project.

Our ethos is to focus on quality of service and product, and continuous improvement of our QMS to ensure the expectations of each client are met or exceeded.

We have built quality into our delivery systems and embedded it into our culture. Quality is one of our USP’s it is the cornerstone of who we are. It is our objective to provide a high standard of quality of service to our customers.  The following objectives have been defined:

  • To reliably and consistently deliver a cost effective service, on time, that meets and exceeds the quality requirements and expectations of our clients.
  • To develop, install, maintain and continually improve a quality management system conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  • To ensure that individual employees take responsibility for implementing the quality system within their work areas.
  • To communicate this policy to all customers and other stakeholders through making them available on our website

In undertaking our commitment to ISO 9001:2008, we have also made a commitment to continual improve standards and this will be undertaken through listening to our customers and through the ongoing reviewing of our service proposition and our systems.


Secto have been selected by Ericsson Ireland to support their Meteor Mobile LTE deployment. Secto will be responsible for the design and build aspects of the project on a nationwide basis. The project will significantly increase Meteor Mobiles 4G coverage.
Secto are delighted to become an approved partner for Huawei. This partnership demonstrates Secto’s ability to deliver “end to end” services across the UK and Ireland.
Secto have been awarded a FTTH (Fibre to the Home) area by Eir , Secto will be responsible for the deployment of the fibre and all associated civil requirements in Dundalk.
Secto are delighted to have been selected by E-net & AirSpeed to support their wireless connectivity deployment across the West of Ireland .The scope of the project is installation and commissioning of microwave links and the design and construction of a number of 35 meter tower
Secto are delighted to have been awarded 33 % of the network consolidation and site upgrades on behalf  of Three Ireland and Meteor. The project will run for three years and will see both operators consolidate their networks significantly reducing operating costs.  Secto will be responsible for [...]
Secto are pleased to announce they have achieved the following certifications: ISO 9001, 18001 and OSHA 14001.  This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to quality and safety.
Secto are delighted to have been selected by E-Net to provide end to end maintenance of their network sites. The scope of the project is to deliver a “managed service” across all 100 E-Net locations.